Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm trying to find the previous post amusing...

Since August of 2012 I have lost...6 pounds. 6 whole pounds in 18 months. It's ok to be jealous. (That was sarcasm).

And what is it about Vegas that drives me to publicly humiliate myself on the internets? Seriously. I'm 46 days away from lounging poolside with SPF8 slathered on me. In my last post I was 42 days away. 18 months ago I was bemoaning my weight and upcoming trip. Just like I am today. It would probably be helpful if I just took care of this whole weight thing once and for all. Bemoaning isn't cute, I don't care who you are.

In my defense though, it was a rough 18 months. I need to be one of those people that see exercise and proper diet as a way to cope with dark clouds and stress. Instead, I lean more towards the "let's just hibernate and ignore the world around me until things get better mentality". Not good. That mentality is less cute than the bemoaning.

So...I'm going to work earnestly towards getting the weight off, getting healthier and dropping that whole bemoaning thing. Less hibernating too. Oh, and I'd like to be able to do a Warrior Dash too. (Stop laughing and rolling your eyes).

Now that I've celebrated my weight loss achievements, I can move on to other things.

Several of the bloggers that I follow do "Right now..." posts. And since I can't seem to focus on one singular topic that has been floating around in my hot mess of a brain, I will jump on that bandwagon myself. Here goes...

Right now... out clothes and tennis shoes ('cause I'm definitely going to be working on that whole healthy thing after I finish this post). (Same clothes...but I haven't earned that sweat yet).

Missing...Forrest. Savannah is entirely too far away. Savannah was one of my favorite cities until it borrowed my son and then decided to keep him. Not cool Savannah, not cool. (My firstborn and his pedicab in Savannah). description literature so that I can write up Jet's for future publication. Journey's "Don't Stop Believing". Does it get better than Journey when it comes to classic rock? infused water. (see paragraph number 4).

Fighting...the little voice that keeps telling me that folding laundry is NOT a chore worth completing.

Wishing...that the temps would get in the 60's and stay there...instead of teasing me with this gorgeous day only to throw out more freezing days over the next warming isn't sounding like a bad idea at this point. I'd settle for local warming though.

Wanting...these shoes and the clothes and warm weather that they call for.

Imagining...a day when all of my kids have the same school schedules and school runs are done with ease rather than the mishmash that is our time-consuming norm at the moment. find a balance between doing things obsessively and not doing them at all. peace with my insides despite my issues with my outside. I'm thankful for that.

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